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Seeking help on the following topics. 

The witness that saw Patricia Doherty entering a red car at the entrance of the Old Bawn Shopping Centre on the night of the 23rd of December 1991 at roughly 9pm. Any additional info on this case would be greatly appreciated. 

Would like to hear from Sam Doran the doorman in Johnny Fox's that saw Annie McCarrick on the night of the 26th of March 1993. 

In relation to the Eva Brennan case: there is very little info about Eva's movements and a lack of any witnesses. It would be great to hear from anyone that knew Eva or that lived in the Rathgar/Terenure areas around the time Eva vanished in late March 1993.

The witness that possibly saw Marie Kilmartin in a local supermarket in the days after Marie was reported missing. This would have been just before Christmas 1993 around Portlaois.

Did anybody see Imelda Keenan around Portlaois or Mountmellick on the 23rd of December 1993 or can anyone confirm seeing Imelda around Waterford between the 23rd of December 93 and the 3rd of January 94.

Anyone that may have lived around Moone, Kildare, Wicklow, Offaly or Kilkenny around the time JoJo Dullard vanished in November 1995. 

Seeking further info on the Claire Boylan case. Claire vanished from the Terenure area of South Dublin in March of 2003.

Information on the following cases as I'm unsure on whether to add them to the website

Patricia Furlong 1981

Philip Cairns 1986

Grace Livingston 1992

Joanne McDonagh 2003

Esra Uryun 2011

Elizabeth Clarke 2013

Bridget Maddigan 2016

Feel free to contact me on this website via the 'let's chat' service, via the social media links below or by email. Thanking you. Everything will of course remain confidential. 


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