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The term Ireland’s Vanishing Triangle was coined by the Irish media in relation to the unexplained disappearances of six women throughout Eastern Ireland during the mid-1990s. Ireland's Vanishing Triangle is merely a term it has no relevance to any of the actual case nor is it a reference to geographical profiling.   
By 1998 numerous young women had been reported missing in Eastern Ireland during the previous five years.  When eighteen year old Deirdre Jacob vanished just yards from her home during the summer of 1998, the then Irish Police Commissioner Pat Byrne set up Operation Trace  in the hope of determining if any of the six specific cases involving missing women were linked and if any other unsolved cases may be linked to the aforementioned six cases.
The number of cases in this series has long been disputed as there are possible links to cases going as far back as the 1980s. For whatever reason some cases in this series have garnered more attention than others from law enforcement, the media and the public.
Our aim is to provide the most informative and detailed website/database on the details surrounding the disappearances of the six aforementioned women and other possible victims. 

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